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New 650cc thermal flask consisting of double wall system with reflective cavity. Worked with minimal details in Raceone® laboratories. High insulation efficiency, ergonomics and hygiene. Ingredients follow international laws for food use. It offers a 100% Made in Italy guarantee...
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Raceone Jeko Bottle Cage Adapter
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It can be mounted anywhere on the bike.It is suitable for all types of bicycles as well as for E-Bike.Rubber material facing the frame provides anti-scratch protection.Can be used for any type of bottle cage.Package includes 2 double-sided silicone adhesive strips to fix it to the frame.Bottle cage ..
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Product description Race one Kela Bottle CageNew bottlecage with a desing absolutely innovatie. For a use in both road and mtb. Available in 6 colours: grey, red, yellow, orange, blue and green. Welcome to our Race one Kela Bottle Cage special deal. At bikeinn, not only can consumers find the b..
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İts durable and colorful plastic structure, it allows you to easily remove your tires. With its small size, it can always be easily carried around...
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In the development of XR1, special attention was paid to the use of biocompatible materials for nutritional purposes in accordance with international laws. The polyamide cover, which makes a difference in its category, is resistant to impacts even in cold winter months. It does not smell. Specially ..
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Raceone X1 is the indispensable bottle cage for drivers. Thanks to its front opening, it allows to store water bottles of different diameters, which can be attached and removed from the body with a simple pre-pressure.The body made of high-strength technopolymer offers flexibility and resistance dur..
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Ideal for competitions, the sophisticated design of the Bottle Cage Raceone X3-Race combines style and functionality.The X3 model offers durability and quality together with its modern and refined design.Made of technopolymer, high resistance.Weight only 30g...
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Bottlecage X25 CARBON X25 has been studied for blending maximum resistance with the lowest possible weight.  2 years of laboratory, experiments and in-competition tests, allowed us to create a highly resistant bottle cage of only 25 grams of weight. Trustful in securely holding bott..
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The original Raceone quality, designed and manufactured in ItalyMaterial: Technopolymer reinforcedWeight: 29grSupported with 74mm bottles.Strong bottle grip Inside finishing shine mirror Outside finishing dull sand Road, MTB, Gravel & City use Diameter bottles 74mm Bottle holding step..
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