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Brand: Huub
‘THE WORLD’S FASTEST TRI SUIT, NOW IN A WOMEN’S FIT’Unique ‘Anemoi’ design by Dan Bigham (exclusive to HUUB).Neoprene Trip Technology (patent pending).Arms Neutral™ design for swim comfort and aero efficiency.Aero rear pocket.Longer arms and legs for aero benefits.Lightweight quick drying coldblack®..
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Brand: Huub
Dan Bigham's unique "Anemoi" design (exclusive to HUUB)Neoprene Trip TechnologyArms Neutral™ design for swimming comfort and aero efficiencyAero back pocketLonger arms and legs for aero benefitsLightweight, quick-drying coldblack® fabricIncredible time-saving performance..
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Brand: Huub
Goggles are an extremely important investment for outdoor swimming, and possibly one of the most important items to be sure you pack for every race day.They keep you safer in the water, helping you avoid obstacles and other swimmers. You will be able to swim with confidence when you can see clearly ..
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Brand: Huub
THE GO TO CHOICE FOR THE WORLDS ELITE WOMENWe felt it was about time that the female wetsuit was more than a sculptured mens suit designed with curves and patterns that simply fit the female form. We took the time to look further into the needs of the female athlete when swimming.Ladies, you are dif..
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Brand: Huub
New fabric, new design, new performance level.Developed with a focus on creating the best possible women's triathlon apparel, women's tri suits have now been added to the HUUB collection for the ultimate in comfort and unrivaled performance.Designed for long distance triathlons.Lightweight, breathab..
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Brand: Huub
A HUUB Soft Feel Beanie hat with reflective logos and a thin heat pressed logo.It is the perfect choice for cold winter days...
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Huub Carbon T-Shirt Huub Carbon T-Shirt
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Brand: Huub
Black cotton HUUB Carbon T-Shirt..
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Brand: Huub
The COMMIT line is our new collection of quality triathlon racing wear. It provides value for money while meeting the needs of a novice triathlete.Shoulder and upper arm UV protectionLong sleeves for aero performance and racing comfortLightweight and quick-drying fabric3D special padMesh front and b..
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Brand: Huub
The HUUB Compression racing socks have been designed in consultation with Biomechanics experts to take advantage of the incremental compression benefits and create a superior performance foot/shoe interface.Medial and lateral padding to relieve pressureCushioned protection for toes, heels and sensit..
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Brand: Huub
This product contains the highest quality sweat-wicking, aerodynamic fabrics and is designed to meet the demands of training and racing. The Core 3 is a performance series suitable for all cyclists who want to exercise in comfort without sacrificing speed, function or design.The 6-panel anatomically..
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Brand: Huub
This product from HUUB contains the highest quality sweat-wicking, aerodynamic fabrics and is designed to meet the demands of training and racing. The Core 3 is a performance series suitable for any cyclist who sports without sacrificing speed, function or design.Our performance-appropriate jersey i..
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Brand: Huub
A triathlete's must-have that offers versatility for all occasions, from training runs, warm-ups, transition suits, post-race and casual wear. It has a waterproof lining with chest and back vents, and an interior pocket and reflective embellishments to keep your devices safe.Waterproof coating with ..
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