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Increases security with more brightness and conspicuous flashing modes.Technical detailsSize: 79.5x29x30 mmWeight: 31gLED: COB high-brightness red LEDBattery: Rechargeable lithium-ion polymerStrap: Suitable for Ø19-Ø48, comes with 1 rubber padAccessories: PAD and USB cable for aero seatpostFunctions..
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Wilier Triestina R02P USB Rear Light
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Improves safety with increased brightness and conspicuous flashing modes thanks to the daytime flashing function.Provides wide visibility and increases side visibilityEasily mounts to almost any seatpost shape, from round to aero seatpostSize: 79.5x29x30 mmWeight: 31gLED: COB high-brightness red LED..
872.70 ₺
Ex Tax:727.25 ₺
Brand: Specialized
Our latest to-see-by headlight, the Flash 300 brings Flux-style beam control to a more budget-friendly pricepoint. The Flash headlight combines a clean, compact design with a simple-yet-elegant silicone strap that reminds us of a watchband design from our friends in Cupertino.With two different-size..
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Brand: Specialized
Serious road riders put in serious miles. Most of those miles occur in the daytime, when bright ambient conditions mean you need huge lumens numbers to be seen by motorists.But there's no reason a super-bright taillight can't look the part on the fastest road bikes. You invest in the best road bike ..
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