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Control your ride with new ELEMNT bike computer features:
• GoPro control
• Smart light control
• Music control
• Additional training platform integrations
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Wilier Triestina Filante SL
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Brand: Specialized
Born in the American Midwest, gravel riding is one of the fastest–growing styles of cycling. The sense of adventure, conquering new challenges, and si..
1,841.80 ₺
Ex Tax:1,534.83 ₺
Brand: Specialized
Cold legs make for bad rides, and bad rides are no fun. Lucky for you, the RBX Comp Thermal Bib Knickers keep your legs toasty on chilly days.And to t..
3,288.93 ₺
Ex Tax:2,989.94 ₺
Brand: Specialized
When tubeless performance is a race-day must, but durability over rough roads is just as important, then the S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready delivers year-..
3,124.49 ₺
Ex Tax:2,603.74 ₺
Brand: Specialized
Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but starting your day in lousy conditions is a whole other story. For when mother nature decides to rain on y..
5,525.40 ₺
Ex Tax:5,023.09 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Indoor Incline SimulatorWahoo's latest innovation literally changes the level of your indoor workout! The KICKR CLIMB indoor mountai..
31,962.40 ₺
Ex Tax:26,635.33 ₺
Brand: Specialized
All too often, corners are cut to meet price-points in the entry-level road bike market, but the Allez redefines what it means to be ""entry..
55,254.02 ₺
Ex Tax:46,045.02 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
The SPEEDPLAY Walkable Cleat Cover Kit replaces your worn bicycle cleats to provide protection, comfort and traction. The kit is compatible with your ..
1,420.60 ₺
Ex Tax:1,183.83 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
The Wahoo RPM cadence sensor is your sleek and compact solution for measuring bike cadence data. It's cordless, magnet-free, lightweight and easily at..
1,953.30 ₺
Ex Tax:1,627.75 ₺
Brand: Specialized
Body Geometry Footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance, and comfort by optimizing hip, knee, and foo..
1,930.81 ₺
Ex Tax:1,755.28 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
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142,055.28 ₺
Ex Tax:118,379.40 ₺
#product-description-container { display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; } #product-description { max-wid..
230,484.72 ₺
Ex Tax:192,070.60 ₺
Specialized Rockhopper Elite 29" Mountain Bike Specialized Rockhopper Elite 29" Mountain Bike
Out Of Stock
Brand: Specialized
Yep, we just re-read the spec sheet and still can't believe it either. The Rockhopper Elite is one helluva lot of bike.   Air-sprung fork? ..
47,031.70 ₺
Ex Tax:39,193.08 ₺

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