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Triathlon Accessories

Brand: Huub
Run comfortably and without restrictions in our 2-in-1 Shorts. The soft knit inner lining is made of low-friction micro-fabrics, feels soft and gentle on the skin, reducing the risk of chafing and irritation from rubbing. Moisture is efficiently removed by the quick-drying fabric, providing a high l..
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Huub Aphotic Photochromic Thiathlon Glasses Huub Aphotic Photochromic Thiathlon Glasses
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Brand: Huub
Goggles are an extremely important investment for outdoor swimming, and possibly one of the most important items to be sure you pack for every race day.They keep you safer in the water, helping you avoid obstacles and other swimmers. You will be able to swim with confidence when you can see clearly ..
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Brand: Huub
A HUUB Soft Feel Beanie hat with reflective logos and a thin heat pressed logo.It is the perfect choice for cold winter days...
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Huub Carbon T-Shirt Huub Carbon T-Shirt
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Brand: Huub
Black cotton HUUB Carbon T-Shirt..
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Brand: Huub
The HUUB Compression racing socks have been designed in consultation with Biomechanics experts to take advantage of the incremental compression benefits and create a superior performance foot/shoe interface.Medial and lateral padding to relieve pressureCushioned protection for toes, heels and sensit..
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Brand: Huub
We know that every second counts during a triathlon. The last thing you want to do in T2 is fiddle with your laces. These HUUB Elastic laces will save you vital transition seconds and get you on the track faster.Easy setupOne size fits all shoes. (teens and adults)Perfect for everyday, training or r..
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Brand: Huub
HUUB'un premium taşıma çantası, ister yarış günü ister antrenman günü, havuzda veya pistte olsun, her şey için yeterli cebe sahiptir, TT çantasının 40 litrelik devasa kapasitesi bunu kaldırabilir.Kullanılmadığı zaman fermuarla kapatılabilen gizli bir örgü kask taşıma alanı ile birlikte gelir, bu da ..
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BREATHABLE & INCREDIBLY SOFTWe know that base layers are an all-weather piece of kit, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. HUUB's new merino hoodies have finally arrived and we can't wait for you to try them out.Because Merino is sweat-wicking, smooth and odor-resistant, it pro..
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Brand: Huub
The HUUB Wetsuit Mesh Carrying Bag is used to allow your wetsuit to breathe while it is stored in your bag or carried after swimming.This bag measures approximately 50cm x 40cm when laid flat. It's too big for even your biggest wetsuit...
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Brand: Huub
Large enough for even your largest wetsuit but also with plenty of room for your swimming gear, the mesh material allows your wetsuit to breathe while stored or transported after swimming.When the bag is laid flat, it measures approximately 68cm x 49cm...
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Brand: Huub
The Huub racing Cap is super lightweight, made of knit fabric to provide maximum airflow and moisture transfer. The classic-style running cap is fully adjustable and available in black or white...
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Brand: Huub
The Run Visor provides protection while being so light, you won't even notice it's there. The newly designed visor features a ventilated elastic strap and you can choose from black, yellow and white.Lightly ventilated elastic strap.Sublimated lightweight fabric.Available in white and fluorine yellow..
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