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Brand: Wahoo
The KICKR XDR Freehub body allows you to use your KICKR with the new SRAM AXS drivetrain system. This kit includes a 1.8mm spacer for XD compatibility.Compatibility: KICKR '18, v5 and KICKR CORE..
2,792.60 ₺
Ex Tax:2,327.17 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
This freehub makes your Wahoo KICKR indoor trainer compatible with Shimano or SRAM 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes. Will only work with '18, '20 Edition KICKR...
2,443.50 ₺
Ex Tax:2,036.25 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
Some newer bike models, including the Trek Emonda 2021, are unfortunately not suitable for use with the KICKR 2017 to KICKR v5 and all versions of the KICKR CORE.This adapter set enables you to use such a bike anyway.CompatibilityBike for which you need this adapter:• 2021+ Trek Emonda• 2021 Trek Ch..
1,326.50 ₺
Ex Tax:1,105.42 ₺
Wahoo Powrlink Zero Powermeter Pedal System Wahoo Powrlink Zero Powermeter Pedal System
Brand: Wahoo
TOTAL POWER Cyclists know that to become competitive they need to train with purpose. That means power. By connecting to reliable and accurate data, POWRLINK ZERO gives riders the power and cadence metrics they need to track and analyze every ride. These metrics create a more complete power profi..
38,362.69 ₺
Ex Tax:31,968.91 ₺
Brand: Wahoo
Built on the cutting-edge SPEEDPLAY Pedal System, POWRLINK ZERO single-sided power pedal delivers reliably accurate power and cadence data in a race-proven pedal system. This powerful combination creates an unrivaled power pedal that helps cyclists optimize performance by providing the visibility, a..
26,145.30 ₺
Ex Tax:21,787.75 ₺
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